Helicopter Commercial Pilot Training Course

Helicopter Private Pilot Training Course

R22 Qualifying Course

AS350/EC130 Qualifying Course

R44 Qualifying Course

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Mountain Flight

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The Commercial Pilot Training Course is addressed to individuals aiming to become professional helicopter pilots.

The Private Pilot Training Course is addressed to individuals aiming to be able to fly with friends and family only, without remuneration.

At the Helibravo School, located at the Municipal Aerodrome of Cascais (Tires), Hangar 8.

The Robinson R22 and Robinson R44.

The Robinson are ideal for training, in addition to being the world’s best-selling helicopters

Yes. When you graduate, you receive the EASA (European) license, allowing you to fly in the European Union.

No, you will only be licensed to fly the same kind of helicopter used in your training.

Should you wish to fly different kinds of helicopters, a Qualifying Course in each kind of helicopter has to be taken. A Qualifying Course has a one week duration and will allow you to adapt to the new helicopter.

No. Most of our students do not have prior experience with helicopters before starting their courses.

Contact us (ato@helibravo.com / +351 214 451 145), inform us on which course you would like to register for, and please inform us on your availabilities.

18 is the minimum required age at the moment of graduation.


Being at least 18 at the moment of graduation;

Passing a medical examination at the Medical Centre by the Humberto Delgado Lisbon Airport (Medical Class Certificate);

Having a secondary or superior education grade – with mathematics of physics studies -, or basic schooling with mathematics or physics proof of knowledge.

At the moment of registering, you will need to deliver:

Qualifications Certificate;

Copy of ID Card or Passport; 

4 Passport-type photos

To know more about our prices, please contact us via e-mail (ato@helibravo.com) or by calling +351 214 451 145. We will gladly provide you all requested details.

Leading Helicopter Academies is the first European transnational network of independent helicopter academies that brings together 10 companies from the Old Continent. All these pilot training companies are licensed and approved by EASA, the European Aviation Safety Agency. Students from each of the LHA academies will be able to train and specialize in missions of the most diverse natures and in the most diverse terrains.

A potential pilot may be considered clinically eligible with hyperopia up to +5.0 diopters, myopia up to -6.0 diopters, astigmatism up to 2.0 diopters, and anisometropia up to 2.0 diopters.

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