Helibravo Aviation

Helibravo Aviation is part of Sodarca Group, managed by the Bravo family.

* 1834: owners of 7 ships;

* mid-20th century: business agents for Boeing and Dornier commercial aircrafts, as well as for Bell helicopters;

* 1992: the family founds Helibravo Aviação, Lda. Everything started with the world’s most famous helicopter – the Robinson R44. Helibravo is Robinson Helicopter Company’s exclusive representative in Portugal.

Today, Helibravo is headquartered at the Municipal Aerodrome of Cascais (Tires). The company operates a fleet of 14 helicopters and one business jet. Helibravo tops the Portuguese ranking of yearly flying hours in its sector.

Passenger safety and the quality of provided services are paramount to Helibravo. A leading company both in Portugal and overseas, Helibravo takes pride in the superior qualification of its staff.


Helibravo Aviação, LDA holds more than three decades of experience in civil aviation and pilot training.

Since 2006, Helibravo School granted wings to more than a hundred pilots attending CPH and IRH courses, as well as to over twenty helicopter pilots. Several other pilots attending Type Qualifying courses in piston and turbine aircfrats have also successfully graduated from our school.

Across our courses, over 16.500 flying hours of training in Robinson 22 and Robinson 44 have been given. In 2017, Helibravo debuted the international development of its school. Successful ab initio, CPH and IRH courses have been given to 10 Cameroon Air Force officials, with over 1.600 flying hours performed in Robinson 44 helicopters.


Our fleet is composed by Robinson Helicopters and Airbus Helicopters (R22, R44, AS350B/B2/B3). This means we are able to provide a wide array of services and training courses.



Highly qualified and deeply committed professionals. Our team provides premium services while keeping its focus on safety.

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