Sodarca Defence

Sodarca Defense is part of a very select group of companies accredited by the Portuguese Defense and Internal Administration Ministries for the commercialisation of Goods and Military Technologies.

Lisbon Helicopters

Lisbon Helicopters – a Sodarca Group company – is a helicopter company operating touristic tours over the Lisbon area.

Beautiful at ground level, Lisbon is breath-taking when seen from the skies. With a wide selection of tours, Lisbon Helicopters flies over some of the most emblematic Lisbon landmarks. A unique, unforgettable experience!


Located in Alentejo, amid undulating plains ranging from green tones, in Winter, to golden colours, during Summer, Vale do Manantio Estate features a superior view over the Alqueva lake.

The Estate offers multiple nature-set activities: horse-riding tours, pic-nic, skeet shooting, boat tours, SPA, water-ski and wakeboard, and helicopter tours. During winter, bespoke hunting programs are available.

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